Ghostery Survey Summary Thank you for yo…

Ghostery Survey Summary

Thank you for your participation in the Ghostery activity. Here are the results!

Diversity of Web Analytic Tools:
From the 12 participants, 29 different tools were identified in addition to the 8 mentioned in the survey
Type of websites with the most Analytic Tools:
Participants’ expectation before installing Ghostery

Most analytic tools experienced after installing Ghostery

The highest number of analytic tools experienced on a single site:

The diverse data might be related to the number of sites visited after Ghostery was installed.
All participants were aware of the existence of analytic tools before installing Ghostery.
After the activity, some of us felt “disturbing”, “terrible”, and/or “surprised” by the number of analytic tools employed on a site.
Some of us wonder:

  • if information from emails are tracked
  • what is the number of watchers (analytic tools) possible on one site
  • if it was the site owner or advertisers who employ the tools what are the types of data collected by these tools and how they might be used

Thoughts are welcome! 🙂

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