Photo Booth & Action Movie

Just the other day I noted in a reply that a simple example of AR can be found on most computers now.  PC and Mac have applications like Photo Booth (Mac) that can add AR to your pictures.  My kids love taking pictures of themselves and distorting their face.  I took this pictures just now in my living room:


My kids and I also spent a lot of time this summer “blowing” things up using the app Action Movie on my iPhone.  I wasn’t able to load a video, but you can check out the app.  It sends in missiles or rocks, or drops a van on whatever it is that you are filming.  I even used it in a fun video for my kids to wrap up their sports highlights from last year.

Neither of the examples I have shown do much educationally as they are.  However, I have had many students use similar pictures or videos in projects that they have submitted.  So mixed with other experiences there can be educational value here.



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