Greetings from Texas, How y’all doin?

Hi Everybody,

My name is Brendan Alexander. I’m originally from Vancouver, but currently live with my wife in Dallas, TX. Here’s what we look like:

Terry and Brendan

This is my 4th MET course, and I’m delighted to see a few familiar faces… er, names.

I am a curriculum writer and language teacher. Currently I am working on a curriculum project that bridges Chinese and Korean middle-school aged students into the Canadian public school system. I last taught in June at a school in Vancouver. Previous to that I spent a year teaching in Saudi Arabia, and 3 years teaching in Seoul, Korea.

I think this course really jumped out at me because, first and foremost, it sounds really interesting. I am always captivated by innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit. After reading the course description I got really excited thinking of possible pitch ideas! I have been taking mostly theoretical courses at this point, so it’s really refreshing to do something a little more creative.

Other than that, I’m glad to meet you guys!



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