Hello from Germany

My name is Shaimaa. This term I am taking my 5th & 6th MET courses (this course and 511 which is my last core course). I am an Egyptian living in Germany, Munich as my husband works here. We have two daughters who are 5 and 2.

My educational experience is quite diversified. Back in Egypt, my focus was on Adult Education especially in a non-formal setting. I used to design and facilitate training courses in various fields: Development, NGO work, and Business Consulting. Here in Munich, I am teaching Arabic for kids (5-10 years old). I am trying to keep my connection to Adult Education through focusing on related topics in MET courses and designing training courses for adults in Egypt for community development purposes.

I think this image is quite a good reflection of what I am trying to do 🙂

Looking forward to learning and interacting with all of you



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