Soon moving from the very north of North Vancouver to the very north of British Columbia

What part of being North is so attractive to me you might ask. Well …it’s living in the superlative!  😉 The further North the more pristine, wild and invigorating. It’s just so cooool…(-40) and the people are so interesting.

So I have been busy preparing. My car has been very unreliable, so I had to get something more dependable. I’ve hauled my guns out of the safe and have been stocking up on foodstuffs. I’m taking my bread-makers, bought lots of powdered milk and gathered my collection of music and video CDs ; and…not to forget I’m taking my computer to stay in touch with you folk. I did check and they claim they do have a reasonably good DSL hookup. The location is Iskut, B.C. from which I intend to build my corporate empire after completing this course. I wonder if the NSA surveillance teams will be able to track me down there?

I’ve had some experience building empires. I ran a very successful language institute in Vancouver for many years and subsequently became consultant on international student recruitment to several Lower Mainland School Districts and several Community Colleges. I traveled extensively internationally in my recruiting efforts. I also represented the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES) in the Lower Maniland as Local Secretary.

My interest in this course is due to the fact that at the core I’m still entrepreneurial. I like to solve issues that present themselves as a challenge. I’m hoping to meet some kindred spirits to brain storm. preferably in an international context.

About me personally: Retired teacher, three gown kids now successfully launched, and a dedicated wife who plans to stay home in North Van while I move north for ten months to stare at the Aurora Borealis.


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