Hello from Vancouver!

Hi everyone,

Ta Chi Lee is my legal name, but I am more used to be called Margaret Lee. I immigrated to Canada 20 years ago from Taiwan, so I think of Vancouver as my home now. I am a bilingual instructor teaching ESL and Mandarin as a second language. In Vancouver, I had taught at Langara College and SFU and I am now a language program coordinator at a private college. Having read many of your posts, I have learned that each of you have diverse backgrounds and are living in different places, so I’m quite excited to work and learn with everyone. This course uses UBC Blogs instead of the Vista and Connect, so I think this would be another intriguing experience which can extend my practice in both learning and teaching application.

E-learning has changed the way we educate and at my college, our plan is to focus on expanding this market to Asia.  This will be the first step for us in attempting to balance the theory and practice to successfully create market plans and find e-learning business opportunities in this digital generation. This is why I am here to further my knowledge and expertise in the field of education as an enterprise through this course. I am looking forward to working with everyone.




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