Introduction: Nicola Einarson

Hello everybody! It’s nice to be starting Winter Term 1 with you.

My name is Nicola, and I am originally from northern B.C.. For the past three years (and since commencing MET) I lived in Haida Gwaii and worked as a librarian on reserve and an educational consultant. Projects included a variety of technology-supported educational ventures, including a mobile app for the local Aboriginal language revitalization initiatives, and an eSchool for adult learners.  I have been interested in ETEC522 since 2010 when I was first reviewing the courses MET had to offer, as I believe that the ability to successfully pitch and analyse pitches is an essential component of any educator’s skillset.

I took a break from the 2013 summer term in order to move to Quebec in order to pursue French as a second language.  For the 2013/2014 school year, I’m living about 90km northeast of Quebec City, in a small town called Baie-St-Paul where I am employed at an école secondaire as an English language monitor through a program funded by the Department of Canadian Heritage.  My new workplace has strong ET leadership and significantly innovative projects, including a recently completed, fully equipped CNC lab with an elective course for students to create their own snowboards from scratch; and an award winning, student-led television program.

This term, I am taking my eighth and ninth courses of MET, with my other course ETEC565M: Mobile Education. I have a variety of interests in the field of educational technology and it seems that with every course, I develop new interests to add to the list. Major themes through my MET courses to date have included technology applications for language acquisition, applications of 3D printing, and more recently, educational technology in defense/military settings. Wearable technology is one area that I currently know little about, but would be interested in delving into.


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