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Greetings from Beijing

Hey everyone,

I am currently enrolled in my fourth ETEC course and am really looking forward to this course. It is probably the area of the #edtech field that intrigues me the most. I have worked for a number of non-profit organizations back home and have become passionate about the benefits and rewards that social media can bring to any sort of campaign.

The past two years I was seconded by my district in southern New Brunswick to work as a technology mentor; teaching teachers and working with administrators and district office staff to find technology based solutions to different programs and systems. With the changes in education this past year, there are very few new projects on the go. This influenced me to take a bit of a year leave from work and teach at an International School in Beijing. My new role is teaching design technology to middle school students using the MYP Design Technology curriculum. Using the design cycle is an amazing way to introduce students to different programs and software and I am already finding a lot of value in my experience.

I very excited to get started in this course and am excited for the fall semester. I have attached a photo of myself and the local chef at the halal restaurant down my street.

Phil Sweezey


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