Emerging Markets Poll – Thank You!

I just wanted to take a moment to appreciate your participation in the Emerging Markets Poll.

I know it felt quick & you didn’t have enough time to think about or explore the ideas involved, but that’s exactly the point.  As instructors we could have unilaterally decided everything that you “should” know in this course.  As if we should pretend to know everything.  This flash response from you is a wonderful way for David & I to recalibrate our perceptions – we always are surprised by the results, and try to learn from them.  We continue to think that you may be misguided in some of your selections, but we’re humble enough to listen, and your ideas have precipitated a set of topics & teams that are excitingly original for us as well.

Knowledge isn’t a popularity contest, nor is it a privilege of experts.  Your input helped to shape a learning journey for all of us.




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