Introduction, nice to meet you!

Hi everyone,

My name is Danielle and I am a public school teacher living in Vancouver.  This is my first time using WordPress or blogging so I am very excited that I finally figured out how to use it!  I can see that many others before me figured it out as well, so I knew it was possible.  This is my second class in the MET program (but I am taking a few this semester).  I have a friend who is in the program and had taken this class before me.  He told me a little bit about the class and it sounds really interesting.  I am hoping that I will learn of all new sorts of technology ventures I had no idea existed.

I enjoy almost any outdoor activity which is why I moved to Vancouver about 3 years ago from Ontario (although I like Ontario too!).  I am currently not working in a classroom so I can’t wait until I can get back in and use some of the knowledge I am acquiring in this program.  I am working at the school board office but anticipate returning to the classroom in the fall.  I had done some TTOC work for about a year and a half before moving into my current role.

I am really looking forward to getting to know everyone in this class, I hope we can all make it through these sunny months together.

I thought I would upload this wonderful photo of Cheakamus Lake near Whistler because it is one of the first places I went when I lived in Whistler many summers ago.  It is places like this that made me move to BC!

Checkamus Lake

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