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IScuela – An Innovative Tablet Project

I thought this was a fantastic project started and crowdsourcing their funds on Kickstarter. Here is the little bio regarding the project:

“Affordable high quality education delivered in a systematic & engaging manner, for school going children on tablets.” Iscuela Website

“The first truly engaging and interactive learning platform for school children in K-12 segment. iScuela stands for, an interactive (i) school or a college (Scuela).”

How did iScuela came into being?

iScuela was born to deliver high quality education at affordable price to school going children. We started our journey 3 years ago in India where we found that many smaller towns and rural areas don’t have infrastructure or even teachers to educate the children. We thought of building a product where we felt that if we cant bring the teachers to the students, maybe we can bring education to them using technology. Ever since we have been focusing on building a level playing field for children across the globe.

iScuela North America

After all the experience we have collected, we would now like to build a product using the latest technology for K-12 students.

Education system in North America has its own challenges. We aim to address the following with iScuela:

Unequal Access to Education

Due to the ever rising cost to obtain quality education, we want to build affordable platform that provides high quality education to all.

High School Dropouts

Major reason for the high drop out rate in schools is lack of interest and poor performance at school. iScuela aims to make learning engaging and fun which will aid the child to learn better at their own pace. Hence, improvement at school level.

Low levels of understanding and more rote learning

Children are resorting to rote learning instead of understanding the concepts being taught. Just memorizing content will not stay with the children for long and this will pose significant challenges in their career as their fundamentals would not be clear. iScuela aims to provide an environment which enables the child to understand and relate to the content matter.

My personal review:

What truly is unique about this project is that it got my attention right away (YES, I WOULD INVEST IN THIS VENTURE), from the design perspective and simplicity and stunning visual graphics. No speech required, the product sells itself, by watching the video, I guaranteed you will want to see more of this. The truth is great educational products like these are usually the results of great graphic designers, product engineers, and web programmers. Let’s give it a hand to them! I will definitely purchase the platform, however they need help delivering it to a North American market. If I had money to spare, I would invest guaranteed! (That is another issue regarding being a poor student!)


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