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Reviews Clarification

Hi David V & David P.

Can you please clarify if our pitch reviews are supposed to appear on each individual pitch page like the following:

(so that the thumbs up feature can be used to return for the second part of activities?)

There’s a mixture of pitch reviews being done this way, and many being done as separate posts (understandably some new pitch posts contain reviews). Clarification would be extremely helpful, as students who have previously taken ETEC 565M are accustomed to rating right on the item, but others are not).

I can/will happily contribute to fixing these by copying the posts and recreating them as pulses, assigned to the correct author (with your permission if this is the case).


Also it would be helpful for those posting new artifacts for rating, to know that they should turn commenting (not pulse rating) off on the back end before publishing, so users don’t see two input boxes and post to the wrong one.


If this is forgotten, we see two inputs like in the image below:

We should be using the bottom (pulse) input, not the comments input? I’d happily volunteer to fix posts to turn off comments if this gets forgotten.



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