Pitch Pool

Pilot Critique #2: EverNote

Yes, I would invest in this venture, as Evernote seemed to have a fit within the current App market and of direct use to a vast client base.

This venture is a product and service, seeking to serve as a one-stop-shop for storage and catologue of an individual or business’ notes, important information etc. in the form of images, text, and audio and can be accessed from multiple devices.

This pitcher highlights the product’s ability to catalogue your info for easy access and searchability, unlimited storage (at a fee), compatibility with multiple operating systems and cloud-like features to be accessed from all of your devices.

The pitch did not specify how consumers would be sought after, I am just assuming through something like an APP store. This would need to be expanded upon for sure, as accessing your consumer base is crucial to running a viable business. As well, there was not specific details regarding whether a pilot has been conducted, or a consumer poll to test interest.

The pitch as completed by the CEO, who provided significant detail, exuded confidence and product knowledge, and he explained the product -scheme if you will, the two different products (ie. the free product and then the priced product), how they are different and of course the benefit of the priced product.

What attracted me to this pitch was how the CEO was able to relate to my needs, as soon as he described the product, what it did and how it fit into our lives in and amongst all of our other technologies I could see how it is useful, how it provided continuity when we are dealing with such varieties of technology.


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