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Pilot Critique: Mentoring Me

No I would not invest in this venture, as I found the pitch to lack the information required to ensure credibility of the project, as well as the actual workings of the MentoringMe program.

MentoringMe attempts to fill the gap of on-going/continuing learning for teachers, specifically highlighting the need for ed tech training for older generation teachers who have either been slow to adopt of non-adopting of new technologies for learning. This gap would be filled through one-on-one mentoring by experienced teachers for inexperienced teachers via an online platform.

The service being provided is an online hosting site that allows individuals to create profiles, link with other teachers who require training in a specific field and from there, the learning begins (opportunity to foster reciprocal learning transactions).

This service provides training for teachers outside of their current physical district, allowing for diverse experiences (opportunity to explore personal interest or expand their knowledge base even when such learning is not available within their own school district), it provides an asynchronous platform accessible to individual needs, and it has the opportunity to harbor a vast pool of individuals with diverse and complex expertise.

In terms of marketing, there was very limited information in regards to how this product/service is to be marketed and how they intend on reaching this vast pool of experts/teachers/learners. This is problematic because the pool of individuals is required to have this venture be successful. There was also no information regarding cost, such as operational funding requirements, cost to the customer, etc.

There is a real lack of information regarding the credibility of the individuals who are pitching, what kind of knowledge, market research or need has been identified and where was it identified? There is also a lack of information regarding the pilot project, who participated (in terms of their credibility and how it is contributing to their workplace etc), what kind of time period and examples of success.

In looking at this overall pitch, there was a lot of questions that remain unanswered as to the overall validity and function of the services that are the foundation of this venture and therefore I would not support this pitch. I also think that in looking at current platforms that exist, blogs, chat rooms, social and professional networking sites, this service may already exist and be free (ie. MOOC’s).


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