Founders Parade

BioDigital Human

John Qualter, Chief Creative Officer Frank Sculli, CEO

John Qualter, Chief Creative Officer (L)
Frank Sculli, CEO (R)


BioDigital Systems, co-founded by John Qualter and Frank Sculli in 2002, developed a 3D health visualization body called BioDigital Human,which enables learners to understand the human anatomy in a way that simulates real life accurately. Qualter, a digital image specialist is also a research assistant professor at NYU School of Medicine which puts him at an optimal location to understand the needs of the medical school, while Sculli, a software engineer had previously worked on projects such as Smile, a cleft pallet simulator.

In 2012, NYU School of Medicine’s Division of Educational Informatics partnered with BioDigital Systems to adopt the BioDigital Human web-based platform into the anatomy curriculum. The interactive and comprehensive application allows learners to study anatomy, disease and treatment in 3D.  The application is free, but it’s special features such as favorites and the ability to see cross sections are subscription based.   The BioDigital Human, along side of real cadaverous and ipad textbooks are used as learning tools to enhance the anatomy lab experience. Students are able to see demonstrations of how diseases or injuries that impacted the patient through the virtual 3D body and practice how to perform procedures.  With the limit of cadaverous as learning tools, the BioDigital Human allows students limitless opportunities to practice procedures.  Most notably, BioDigital raised $4 million led by FirstMark Capital with participation from NYU Venture Fund to expand their work in API functionality and accelerate the development of user features together with their team of scientists, software engineers, physicians and digital artists who are trained specifically in biology.


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