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Moodle – Martin Dougiamas

Martin Dougiamas

Founder-Leader Name: Martin Dougiamas

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Venture Name: Moodle

(Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment)

Venture Description

Moodle is a free online learning platform (Learning Management System), based in Perth, Australia. It has a free source license and is used in many high school as well as post-secondary online programs. Some of its features include assignment dropbox, gradebook, discussion forum, online quiz/test, Upload/Download of files. It also has a variety of plug-in’s available which adds more elaborate functions to the platform.  One of the best features of Moodle is its Moodle Community – which consists of over a million users who interact with each other to provide support.

Short Bio of Martin Dougiamas

Martin Dougiamas was born in 1969.   He is a computer scientist and an educator. His has experiences as the webmaster of an university, as well as the manager of a WebCT system. He was frustrated with the learning systems available to him, and started Moodle in 1999.

Martin Dougiamas believes in the constructivist model of teaching and implements this theory in his invention of Moodle.  Moodle has a strong management team , as well as an integration team, backend team, frontend team, sites team, and a mobile team. The responsibilities of each team member are very specific and well-defined. There are also Moodle partners who provide commercial services to the users

Personal Reflections

Martin Dougiamas is passionate about Moodle.  This is very inspirational because an entrepreneur must be passionate about the product that he/she is developing.  Moodle provides a ‘shell’ for a platform, and allows the users to modify it according to his/her needs.  This is a great example of a product that is appealing to customers because of its versatilit.  As an entrepreneurs, I need to have a  vision for my company.   My management team must be able to share the same vision, and also be equipped with the concrete skills and abilities needed to reach our common goal.


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