Founders Parade

Krishnan Ganesh,


Krishnan Ganesh – Founder and CEO of

Founded in 2005 by Krishnan and Meena Ganesh, TutorVista is a popular online tutoring company. Based out of India, the company employs over 2000 tutors and reaches a market of over 20,000 students globally. Specializing in math and science, TutorVisa allows personalized learning, available at any time. The company also offers learning programs for students who are home-schooled.

Widely described as a serial entrepreneur, Ganesh created and successfully exited four companies before founding Tutor Vista. TutorVista was acquired by Person Education last year, for over $130 million. Ganesh holds a Mechanical Engineering degree from Delhi University and a post graduate degree from the Indian Institute of Management. He has been recognized as one of India’s “Ionic Entrepreneurs” and was nominated as the 2012 Economic Times Entrepreneur. Ganesh is chair of several innovation technology boards in India and is a popular speaker on the topic of successful tech startups.

In my opinion, one of the traits that set Mr. Ganesh apart from other entrepreneurs, is his ability to walk away from his businesses once they are successful. Mr. Ganesh retrained his title of CEO of TutorVista until Pearson completed their full acquisition over several years. Once that transition was completed, both Mr and Mrs Ganesh stepped away from the company entirely. Mr. Ganesh has refocused his efforts on a new enterprise.


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