The Candy Factory

The Candy Factory

Integration: The CandyFactory is a universal iOS app that runs on the iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone mobile devices.Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

Motivation: All the games on CandyFactory consists of three game levels that challenge students to build a stronger understanding of proper and improper fractions. The game is based around a candy manufacturing factory where students must satisfy a customer’s order for a candy bar of a particular size.

Audience: Students, parents, teachers

Content: Number Sense and Numeration for Middle school grades

Learning and Mastery: Games on CandyFactory are simple and engaging. Needs not too much explanation. Becomes challenging as one progresses to next level.

It consists of three levels: Level 1 teaches proper fractions as part-whole concept. Level 2 teaches proper fractions as whole concept. Level 3 teaches proper as well as improper fractions as whole concept. A nominal score is displayed at the end of the game to show how well the student has done. Sound-based feedback and background music are provided.

Cost: Free

Review: I will this game as 4 star for the level of cognitive demand because this game is engaging students in exploring/identifying and understanding the nature of Fractions concept using complex and unpredictable ways to solve the issues at hand.


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