W07: Activity 3


“Improving the speed and quality of research via shared algorithm implementations” by is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 Retrieved here.

Activity #3

In the spirit of open, we’re choosing to crowdsource peer knowledge here for help identifying the most likely market horizons:

Please review one of the predictions [on this page]. Post your review/thoughts using the reviews box on the bottom of this page discussing why your chosen prediction is a potential cutting-edge horizon for post-secondary/professional code education. Take a bit of time to do some preliminary research on your chosen topic and please add links and supporting materials wherever possible to help add value to the discussion and to help expand our OER. Also be sure to indicate the name/number of the horizon you’re reviewing. Also be sure to check back to engage in comments and questions that might be added to your responses.

They are condensed as follows:
(Don’t forget the full descriptions are located on this page)

1. Privatization
2. New Accreditation Programs, OERs &  Initiatives for Code Education
3. Industry and Institution Partnerships for OER and Higher Educations’ Programming Education
4. Localization and Personalized Learning
5. Code Language Education Segmentation & Diversification
6. Curriculum Integration
7. The Development/evolution of “Smart” Code

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