Analyst Reports (A1)

Geddit – Venture Analysis


I decided to analyze an EdTech venture that I am excited to try in my own classroom.  Formative assessment is so vital when teaching, and yet it’s the most difficult to get, especially in the middle of a lesson without interrupting the flow of things.  Geddit provides immediate feedback on whether students are “getting it.”  I was excited to research this venture, but soon found that information was scarce.  It’s a very new company, having just received funding from an EdTech Accelerator this past year.  There also aren’t a lot of competitors in the market.  Good for this venture, bad for market research.

Reflecting on their business strategy of marketing the product directly to teachers seems to be the best move at the moment, although much less lucrative in the long run.  However, as the founders correctly determined, schools have a very slow procurement process, and much red tape to cut through.  This makes it very difficult for a startup to sell to districts and schools, however that is their eventual goal.

I think investors recognize the tremendous value that Educators place in student response systems, and that the barriers to widespread use have always been cost.  However, with tablet classrooms becoming ubiquitous, and the proliferation of smart web-connected devices, BYOD solutions such as Geddit are becoming much more compelling.


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