Analyst Reports (A1)

Venture Analysis – Yammer

I decided to do my analysis on Yammer, a social networking application.  We currently use this Basic version in my organization but thought there might be value in the Enterprise version which offers customization and complies with privacy policies.  While researching for this project, I under estimated the mountain of government policies and processes that are involved in even recommending a product.  The analysis assumes that all this is done previous to putting the report together, but I realized that the pre-work to the report alone could deter any prospective organization in pursuing tender.

Although social networking is still relatively new, especially in the workplace, I was also surprised to find that there is still little information and research done on the educational impact of social networking.  Much of the focus has been on the impact of marketing but there is still a lot of work that can be done to understand the educational benefits of informal learning in social networking.



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