Analyst Reports (A1)

Educational Venture Analyst

Greeting. So after trying several different ways to post my presentation, I finally concluded that if you wish to view it you will have to download it. I couldn’t upload a slide show presentation (.ppsx) file  to the Media section of the ETEC  site so I had to use my Google Drive to host it. The link is below and don’t worry, it’s safe – it will play as a slide show only. There are 3 slides that contain audio. Please let me know if there are any problems. Thanks

Jonathan’s Brief Reflections 

I chose Aspen Student Information System (SIS) because ConnectEdBC (the successor to BCeSIS) is based on the same platform and interface as Aspen SIS. Like most teachers in BC I despised BCeSIS although I still used the grade book extensively.  I was also one of the trainers at our school. But since there will be a new SIS, I thought I might as well become more familiar with it sooner than later. I will probably end up becoming a training for ConnectEdBC too. Feel free to share any BCeSIS stories you may have.  Cheers


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