Analyst Reports (A1)

A1 – Uversity Analyst Report

Hi Everyone,

Here is my report please follow this link to my Prezi version:

Please let me know if there are issues with the presentation as I was having some last night.


Working at a Post-Secondary institution and discussing the product with our Social Media Specialist there are benefits of utilizing products like Schools App and UChat especially for Student Engagement. I found out that the Social Media Specialist has made a request that SAIT invests in the product and that SAIT is currently on the wait list. I don’t know if this product would do anything for our enrollment here at SAIT as we are at an all-time high for enrollment and applications.

As for me in doing this assignment I don’t think I have a business type acumen. I really need to push myself to think this way, which is a great reason to take this course. This is something that I want to work on.


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