Week 10 Review

Hi Week 10,

Great job!  Thank you for helping me learn about learning analytics, and surprisingly it was applicable at my job this week as I learned about an analytics company that we and many school districts use to monitor employees on call for all areas of a school board.  This lets school boards know if they need to hire more employees and in what areas.  I thought it was so interesting and timely.  I thought your OER was very professional looking and one of the most striking things to me was how organized it was.  I thought that you made a good use of the physical space of your webpage with proper headings, bullet points, videos and icons.  I really found it easy to navigate.  I also feel that it was concise with not too much information per page.  It was separated into manageable chunks and I appreciated this.  The discussion activities were great too – it is always nice to have choice and I made use of the checklist because I had (somehow) missed an activity when I first went through the class.  Unfortunately (but fortunately) I really don’t have any suggestions!

Thanks for a great week,



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