The Changing Spaces of Reading and Writing

Keyboard From Stone Age

Keyboard From Stone Age, originally uploaded by elka_cz.

I have selected this image for several reasons.
I think this image evokes feelings of where we have travelled through the democratization of print. The keyboard literally opened pathyways to new knowledge essential for increased knowledge creation. The Internet is wonderful, but knowledge would have been shared with great difficulty were it not for the keyboard!

My name is Erin Gillespie. I am an elementary teacher currently teaching grade 4 (age 9) in Hong Kong at an international school. This is my 9th MET course and the reason I entered the MET program! I can use a keyboard, but now I prefer touch screens with icons.

When I was teaching in Japan (1998-2008), I heard about a course from UBC that had won an award, which led me to an article written by Teresa Dobson entitled “Technologies of Text: Reflections on Teaching, Learning, and Writing with/in Digital Environments” (JCACS, Fall 2005, Vol 3, Issue 1). I was hooked and I searched out the author, which led me to 540 and to the MET program at the end of 2007.

Reflecting on my journey into MET, the image I chose and our readings this week, I feel humanity has come through many ages (the Stone Age, the Bronze Age..etc) and I’m happy to recognize that I am a contributing member of the Information Age.

Erin Gillespie

Image courtesy of Elka Cz (2006): Keyboard from Stone Age


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