The Changing Spaces of Reading and Writing

Printing Press

I selected an image of a man loading presumably paper into a printing press because of the historical implications of the printing press. For me the printing press represents the connections and contacts between cultures, having been invented in China and transferred to Europe. This represents the communications of ideas through text that in turn help to mass produce other ideas for distributions. Personally the press also symbolizes the ability for certain members of a society to control the messages that are distributed and consumed by the rest of society. Lastly, I selected the image because I cannot read the text that accompanies it. It is in a language which I do not read, thus symbols that are recognizable to me but an norganization that is alien.

My name is Noah Burdett and I live and work in Vancouver BC. I am currently a grade one french immersion teacher with the Vancouver school district. As I work with students that are discovering texts and beginning to make meaning of texts I am extremely interested in its history and its future. I look forward to collaborating within the 540 community.

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