Gains and losses

Read-along Toy Story on the iPad. I don't even need to read to my kids anymore.

When I first found this picture, it stuck out because I recently bought an iPad. It demonstrates the changing ways in which text is read. It also serves as an example of how new technology can improve literacy and children’s interest in reading. However, I became disheartened once I read the title of the photograph.
“Read-along Toy Story on the iPad. I don’t even need to read to my kids anymore.”

That really struck home with the whole idea of gains and losses from the broadcast we listened to this week. When language learning shifted from solely oral to an emphasis on writing, I’m sure that many traditions and cultural aspects were lost. With a shift from printed text to digital, what will we be losing? Will it be those important connections made when reading to our children? (By the way, my daughter sometimes uses that very app on my iPad, but we read it together, and 95% of the time, we just read plain old kids books.)

I’m a Science and Physics teacher in Vancouver and dad to two adorable little girls.
I’m about half way through the MET program and am hoping that this course will give me a better understanding of the changes that are occurring with regards to literacy.

Dan Borges

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4 Responses to Gains and losses

  1. Al Davidson says:

    Hey Dan,

    Interesting thoughts here. Not only do you not have to read to your kids anymore but you also don’t have to talk to them at meal time (which looks to me like this is set at a McDonald’s Playland!).

    On an optimistic note…I have an iPad and three little boys (8, 6 & 3) to whom I read every night. We also sometimes read books off of the iPad. They are currently enjoying Treasure Island. They are intrigued by the language of that time….


    • danny says:

      Hi Al,

      great point about McDonald’s. Fits, doesn’t it?

      It’s nice to hear the iPad being used in a good way.

      The benefits that the child in the picture will get from the iPad will depend on how his parents choose to use it. Doesn’t seem promising so far.


  2. tsher says:

    I love my iPad. In fact, I purchased both of our course texts from Amazon in digital format for my iPad and saved around $150. Bear in mind that it costs about $80 to ship from UBC Bookstore to where I am in Singapore. 🙂


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