It’ll fit?


The suggestion in this picture that volumes of information can be condensed down into a small area caught my eye because space is at somewhat of a premium at my place. I continued looking at other pictures, but I eventually came back to this one. I chose it because I started wondering how having the ability to instantly find exactly what you’re looking for (using the search function) might change how you gain information from the text, rather than browsing through a book for the information.

I’m Kirklan Lum and I live and teach in Nanaimo, BC. I am just starting the MET program, and I’ve never done any kind of online course before, so I’m a little jittery. I can’t really say whether that’s due to nerves or excitement though!

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  1. deedee says:

    Hi Kirklan,
    Very interesting image you’ve selected. Like you, I’m new to online courses as well as the MET program. It’s going to be an interesting journey and I look forward to working with you!

    Dee Dee

  2. vschrader says:

    Great picture, Kirklun. It makes me think of just how much we put into our computers (and we wonder why they crash) and onto the Internet.

    Welcome to MET (and to you too, Dee Dee). I think you’ll like it here.


  3. danny says:

    Hi Kirklan,

    welcome to MET.

    You make a good point about research. For all the drawbacks, its hard to deny all the access that we have with the internet. Also, searching through libraries for books that had already been taken out wasn’t much fun. I much prefer the quantity of materials that we now have access to and the ease with which it all happens.


    P.S. – Nothing to be jittery about.

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