Technology as Change

I created this web with words that show my thoughts on technology. I think that technology brings change so I thought about ways that a technology can change a culture when it is fully embraced by that culture and becomes widespread.

Technology is the introduction of any tool that allows us to ‘get things done’ in a different way. In allowing us to get things done, it changes the way we think about tasks and doing tasks. This change in perception can greatly influences and impacts our society. Whenever we change society through the adoption of a new tool, we perceive a gain (in knowledge, sharing of information, ease and quality of life, etc.) but it is also possible to lose something in the change.

Human beings invent technology in an effort to make our lives easier but we don’t always consider all of the consequences of our inventions. When society adapts a new technology, it is important to understand the possible implications that come with the new technology so that we can be a prepared as possible for changes to our way of thinking.

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