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Writing and Context

Reflecting on the readings of the first two modules, in particular Chapter 4 of Orality and Literacy,  lead me to do a search in the Oxford English Dictionary for two words: write and writing.  The entry for “write” categorized it … Continue reading

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cc licensed flickr photo shared by lindsayloveshermac The question is whether the enormous force of technology, and its insistence on speeding up time and compacting space, will reduce the human need for narrative—narrative in the traditional sense. Novels will become … Continue reading

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Text as communication

We use the word “text” in many forms from referring to a book for a course with copious amounts of information to referring to “text” as a message sent between individuals. I found these two SMS poems on a site … Continue reading

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Dynamism of text and technology

This image caught my attention because it immediately reminded me of how text has woven itself into the very fabric of our personal and communal lives via mobile technologies. In a matter of seconds anyone anywhere could get information in … Continue reading

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