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I selected the image of a kaleidoscope as it represents a complex pattern of progressive colors and shapes, which to me mirrors the evolution of text technologies.  The kaleidoscope is a tool made up of colored pieces of glass and … Continue reading

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Dynamism of text and technology

This image caught my attention because it immediately reminded me of how text has woven itself into the very fabric of our personal and communal lives via mobile technologies. In a matter of seconds anyone anywhere could get information in … Continue reading

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A Blending of Technology

Photo by Mat Packer I am drawn to this photograph because it depicts how text and technology has changed over the years;  from a pencil and paper to an iPhone and iPad.  I agree with Postman (1992) when he says; … Continue reading

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Stand out from the crowd

I can see how one can get lost looking through the photos in the Flickr commons! I had to stop myself after 15 or so minutes and make a choice. I chose this photo in part because I feel that … Continue reading

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Woven Words

Embroidered text messages = brilliant. (by Christi Ginger) I was intrigued by how this image reflected some of the ideas explored throughout the prefatory materials and Module 1 introduction. The prompt, in the defining terms section, to have our learning … Continue reading

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Ancient Media

If text is the creation of something and closely related to technology, the photo of the Japanese characters used in a printing press brings the two together. Japanese kanji is an ancient form of the written word and the printing … Continue reading

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