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I was hoping I could find this picture on Flickr creative commons because I have had it posted on my classroom wall numerous times over the years. Unfortunately, it has the large red “You Fail” text to go with it. The picture always reminds me to not take things too seriously, especially as I look at the expression on the poor boy’s face. I am usually a very serious person, but do enjoy a witty punchline now and then. The picture also reminds me about the many different people and inventions that have contibuted to my life, including the great profession that I have chosen. Where would we be without the wheel?

I work at a junior high in Edmonton, Alberta, as a construction and a computers teacher. This is an exciting time of year as I see new faces and find ways to teach new concepts to them. I have been looking forward to this (my 6th) course for quite some time because it seems to embrace the past and present as much as the future. I took apart an old computer this week to show my studnets the hardware components and none of them could identify the floppy drive because they had never seen such a device before. I cannot believe how far computers have come in my lifetime. I look forward to looking backwards in history throughout this course.


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  1. Angela Novoa says:

    Hi Dennis,

    Nice meeting you. Reading your question about the wheel reminds me to a humorous video:

    But, getting serious, your work looks amazing. Here in Chile we are really far from teaching things like that. Looking forward to continue learning with you. Cheers,


  2. Gordana Jugo says:

    Hi Dennis,

    Nice to see you again. I also find the mix of historical perspective, present and future in this course appealing.


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