The Evolving Web of Literacy – Sian’s Post

iPad book on top of a Guttenberg Bible

I chose this picture because to me it epitomises just how much technology has made literacy available to us all.  The Gutenberg Bible was the first book made (more) widely available through the technology of the printing press.  The iPad is a technology that represents a whole new dimension to literacy.  People are not only able to read but to interact with others to create new understandings.  Thus technology, here, adds a new thread to the ever-evolving web of literacy.

This course is one that I have looked forward to taking since I began the MET program.  This is my eighth course.  As a teacher I am constantly trying to find ways to help my students to not only become literate but to embrace literacy. It is interesting to see that often students believe that they are  not “readers” or “writers” in a traditional sense of picking up a book and reading it, or writing a paragraph, but can be seen as eager communicators, reading and writing, in a technology-rich environment. My goal in this course is to explore the changing face of literacy and consider ways to harness technology to support literacy in schools.

It is great to see some familiar names in this course!  I look forward to working with you all! ~ Sian

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  1. Hi Sian,

    Great to see you again!

    Great point about students not recognizing their abilities as readers and writers. It is the same with my students. I agree that modern technology is helping to break down this misconception.

    Looking forward to reading your posts!


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