Technology is Ever Changing

Dilbert Comic Strip December 23, 2010

As we discussed the Cambridge Forum audio recording, did you realize that the host did not describe it as a podcast but an audio recording? I found that fascinating. Just as technology has shaped our lives, it has also shaped our vocabulary. That was one of my a-ha moments this week. I began to think about all of the words that have been added to the dictionary to describe technology, how we use technology and interact with each other using technology. “I just sent him a text.”, “Don’t text while driving.”,”Do you tweet?”, “I just unfriended her.”

I love this Dilbert cartoon. When I first saw it in December of 2010, I laughed so hard I cried. It is so true. It is difficult to expound experience with technology as it is a moving target. Once you have learned something it has changed and is potentially outdated. The only way to have experience with technology is to be willing to learn and share that willingness to learn with others. I believe that is the key to using technology in education.

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