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I have created a webslides through Diigo for this activity. Following you will see my RipMixFeed bookmark list:

  • I use Youtube for searching and sharin interesting videos related to the feilds of my courses. I also use Youtube to share educational videos that I have designed usually on iMovie.

    tags: Web 2.0

  • I use wikis for promoting students participation through online spaces where they can create and share information with each other. We intend to build online communities of learning through this space, encouraging shy students to enhance their participation through the web.

    tags: Web 2.0

  • I use edublogs for supporting the traditional setting of instruction, by promoting students’ participation through another space for learning.

    tags: Web 2.0

  • I use toonlet for delivering content, for ice-breaking activities, and for storytelling activities.

    tags: Web 2.0

  • I use Prezi for delivering content and promoting collaborative learning in my students through PBA pedagogy.

    tags: Web 2.0

  • Generally, I use Wrodle for opening and culminating where I intend to engage students with learning or conclude a topic.

    tags: Web 2.0

Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.

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5 Responses to Angela’s RipMixFeed

  1. Steph says:

    Hi Angela,

    Thanks for introducing me to new tools like toonlet and Diigo. How would you use Diigo in an educational setting?


  2. Angela Novoa says:

    As one of the fields I teach is History, and my students are required to build essays, I would use it motivate them to collect resources. They can easily organize them in order to build their arguments for their projects.

  3. HJDeW says:

    This is the first time I have seen Diigo in action. I have used with some success, but will investigate this tool a little more. It provides some interesting options for organizing and tracking within social bookmarking. In your experience, is there a comparison between these two Web 2.0 tools that makes one more effective for your purposes?

  4. Angela Novoa says:

    I have used before but I must say I do not feel an expert of non of these tools. However, one difference that I saw between both tools is that Diigo allows users to organize your bookmarks by lists, which helps users to classify resources by different criteria (e.g., primary or secondary, by topics, by periods, etc.)


  5. Jasmeet Virk says:

    Diigo sounds very useful. I had not even heard about it. Would have really helped with all the readings in MET where I had to print so I could highlight and make notes!
    Love this remediation!

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