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Math education is probably one of the most  linear of all subjects. While I strive to help students discover the connections between concepts I found it difficult to present the ideas surrounding the equation of a straight line in any other form but linear. It doesn’t help that my family is made up of math/science people whose thinking pretty much matches my own.

I thought Glogster was an interesting tool that my Middle school students could use to create multimedia posters. In the spirit of Mabrito and Medley (2008) I jumped in to see it from the student’s perspective.

I also used Animoto to create a visual introduction to linear relations and Clkr which allowed me to import and edit clipart. It’s a great tool and had a surprisingly impressive editing tool.

I had  a lot of fun with this and can see potential but I think I need ideas from students  to see what they would naturally do. I have something planned for grade 7 and 8 so we’ll see what happens. I expect that they will use the grapics to the full extent and items will leap all over the screen. Experience tells me that content might be weaker than I expect but they will be individual and visually appealing-just like their social network pages. I think I’ll be pleasantly surprised and learn a bit about creativity and math.




Mabrito, M., and R. Medley. 2008. Why Professor Johnny can’t read: Understanding the Net Generation’s texts. Innovate 4 (6).http://www.innovateonline.inf /index.php?view=article&id=510 (accessed November 1, 2011)

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2 Responses to Glogster with Animoto

  1. Lynette Manton says:

    Hi Bridget,

    I am a great fan of Glogster and my students have really enjoyed using it for presentations. It discourages plonking cut and paste information on poster board and encourages creativity and utilizing the visual to support the presentation. No reading off the poster required.


    • bpgore says:

      Hi Lynette,

      I am glad to hear that. I am about to launch into a project with my grade sevens. Any ideas are welcome. I have been told told that sometimes they forget the content and go for bells and whistles. We’ll see..


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