Major Project – Digitization of Apprenticeship Training

Here is my final project.  It is entitled “Digitization of Apprenticeship Training”. 

In this presentation, I will be talking about how workplace training has changed through history.  Workplace training is different than other educational topics in that its primary goal is to teach a skill to a worker. In early history, workplace training primarily was in the form of apprenticeship training where the worker would be under the tutelage of a Master or mentor.  However over the years, this model of one-on-one training has changed drastically. I will show how the expertise of the Master or mentor has been broken down and been made accessible to greater numbers of workers and how technology is providing an avenue for the practicing and competency assessment stage of an apprenticeship.  I will also discuss how this paradigm shift has resulted in the worker having to learn other skills to appropriately succeed in today’s work environment.

Please forgive my voice quality while listening to this presentation.  I had to do the narrations while recovering from a nasty cold.

I hope you enjoy the presentation. If you have any questions, please let me know.


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