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My name is Jessica Hall and I am a French Immersion teacher in West Vancouver. I currently teach grade 3 at a small community-based school. This is my 7th MET course (including my two elective courses). With every MET course that I complete, I feel closer to my goal of becoming the technology specialist at my school. My interest in technology is based on maintaining my students’ desire to learn. Don’t get me wrong, my students continue to practice their cursive handwriting every morning and read from print books for twenty minutes every afternoon. My interest in educational technology is based on linking instructional lessons to the out-of-school experiences that my students have with technology.

Some of you may agree that teachers enjoy the satisfaction of mastering a subject area. When it comes to technology, I feel that mastery is next to impossible. I chose this photo to illustrate the idea that kids know just as much about technology as the average adult. In fact, I can honestly say that most of what I know about using an iPad I learnt from my students. Kids are less fearful of what might happen if the wrong button is pushed and as a result, they rely more on intuition to access information.

I’m looking forward to a great term!


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  1. kstackhouse says:

    Great picture. I think it is hilarious how easy it is for kids to get in there. We spent some time with friends this summer and their little one (under 3) could unlock the screen on the iPhone and find her favourite game! Amazing.


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