Technology – A thing of the past

Technology Is Not Technology

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I included 2 pictures here because I think it is important to note that while technology relates to how we use materials and science as a society, if they have always been a part of your life many believe it is not technology because there is no change in the way things are achieved. To me technology is anything that somehow makes a task or situation easier to navigate or complete. This may be done through saving time or energy. However, it doesn’t mean that there can’t be negative effects, it just means that it changes the way that a task may have been accomplished in the past.

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  1. smyers says:

    Great choices. I think #3 & #4 in the definition are particularly interesting. #3 relates to the idea of a “process” or something that is ever changing and evolving, and #4 speaks to what you are saying here, that civilizations create/use these technologies within their environments to alter the way things are done, which ultimately alters their experience – with the tool, the task, and ultimately their culture.

  2. Deborah S says:

    I love Sir Ken! You raised an excellent point about technology also having negative impacts. In my class today, we discussed how the introduction of new technology, such as the iPhone 5, increases the use of materials and adds to the landfills. The worst part is, for most people, there’s nothing wrong with their old phone. In my grandparent’s day, items were used up before anyone would contemplate purchasing a new one. We seem to have a very different mentality today.


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