A short passage that sheds light on ‘Text’

“Text is written authority”

I think that this simple statement, taken from our own module referring it the Modern Usage of text, touches on my own attitude about text. Prior to getting started in this course I was quite unsure about how we could spend an entire course looking at ‘Text’. I have now come to realize that I have an attitude that text is an authority and need not be questioned. My own education has conditioned me to accept the written word, the published book, and signage without question. For myself, this passage represents a key learning; a basis to start questioning my own assumptions and think about what has been so far simply accepted.

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  1. joypenner says:

    I chose to focus on this aspect of text in my own post as well. I remember it came as a shock to me that facts in non-fiction books might not necessarily be true.

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