As I had posted on the course site a few days ago that I was going to try using a bulletinboard web 2.0 tool. I opted for Lino. Here is mine of my boy Shylock. It was really fun. I can see using it for all kinds of things in classes.  It would be a great tool for  an introductory activity to help build a sense of community in an online course. You could also have students use it as a way to introduce a historical figure. Just as I created a board for   my dog Shylock it would be fun for students to research a historical figure and then create a bulletinboard for that person’s room.
It would also be a useful tool for students who are working together on a project to post links to websites, books, articles, notes, videos, etc. It is possible for others to add to a bulletinboard as long as they are members. 

Also a great place for students to organize an online agenda.  They could personalize it with their own images or favourite things but also organize upcoming assignments, exams, etc. There is something satisfying about being able to peel the stickies away once they are no longer needed.

Overall it was really easy to use and I was able to add: sticky notes, reminders linked to the built in calendar, images, video (it must be uploaded to youtube or another host to do so). You can link to it, embed, open it to public or keep it private. You can also use it with smartphones which is great.

Here is a link if you want to know more about it.

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Hi Everyone, I am a high school alternate school teacher living in Vancouver, BC. I have been teaching for 15 years, though I am not sure where all that time has gone. I love working with teenagers, and am grateful that I have the opportunity to share my love of learning with young people every day. It's a pretty sweet gig!
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  1. cmck says:

    That’s a great idea about having students store ideas there. Not everyone likes to keep notes in a linear, orderly fashion, so it gives them some choice. I could see using it for some projects too.

    The only problem is that whenever I scrolled away from a picture, it disappeared when I went back to it. So after I scrolled around the screen, everything was gone and I was left with an empty board and an advertisement. I’m using Chrome.


    • smyers says:

      That’s really strange…were you able to see the entire bulletinboard on the bottom right of your screen? It shows up as a mini bulletinboard and you you see a little square surrounding where you are on the entire board. Were you on the empty part of the board? This is weird. It’s all still there when I check it.
      Anyone else experience this?

      • cmck says:

        I did see the mini-board, and it always showed where the posts should be.

        It works fine in Safari, though. It is odd, but I guess it’s one of the reasons why having multiple browsers on a computer is a good idea.

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