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From Orality to Print: How Memory Aids Saved the Epic Tale

In his book, Orality and Literacy, Walter J. Ong compares the differences between how oral and literate cultures communicate knowledge. Chapter 3 specifically addresses the qualities of primary oral cultures in contrast to the chirographic, typographic and literate cultures of … Continue reading

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Putting Speech into Print

London at the turn of the 16th century was becoming a melting pot of different cultures, both oral and literate people made up the society with approximately 80% of the city’s population were illiterate. The technological advance of the printing … Continue reading

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Great Divide or Gentle Drift?

Great Divide or Gentle Drift? In his work Orality and Literacy, Ong (2002) suggests a number of distinctive characteristics that define ways of thinking for both oral and literate cultures. He uses these contrasting aspects to prove his bold theory … Continue reading

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what type of technology?

I chose this picture to reflect McLuhan’s pronouncement that “movable type was archetype and prototype for all subsequent industrial development.” The printing press was a major shift in text technology that changed the ‘authority’ structure of society completely and revolutionized … Continue reading

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Alhambra: a space of text & texture

I finally saw the Alhambra this summer and as I have started our readings the memories of that hot day in Grenada swirled back and I remembered the endless beautiful walls of the palace entirely decorated with Arabic script. I … Continue reading

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Wide Eyed and Curious

Hello Classmates! My name is Tara Avenia, and this is my third semester in the MET program. ETEC 540 will be my sixth course and like many of you I am amazed at just how fast this journey has been. I … Continue reading

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