Introduction-Caitlin McKeachie

Hi everyone,

I chose this image because it really encapsulates the passion I have for emerging reading and writing technologies. I am excited to see how technologies can alter and improve the learning conditions and outcomes for students with disabilities. In so many ways, technologies like computers and iPads help to level the playing field for students with learning exceptions.

I just went back to work at the beginning of this school year after my year ‘off’ on maternity leave. I just started a new job doing computer prep in a k-5 inner city school in Victoria, BC. The school I work for is pretty progressive in the technology department, as it is the only school in Victoria with WiFi. We also have 45 iPads and several SmartBoards. I am just trying to figure out my new job and try to put into place all that I have learnt through this program so far…. a bit of a nerve-racking and daunting task.

This term I am taking my 7th and 8th courses in the MET program. I am also taking ETEC 512, my final core course. I look forward to getting to know you and learning together this term.

🙂 Caitlin McKeachie

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  1. Kim Wagner says:

    Hi Caitlyn,

    It’s exciting that you get to put your new learning into practice in this position. You mentioned your interest in emerging readers due to your current place in life with little ones in that process. My boys are teens now, but I remember the fascination with watching their language develop.

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