Cinematic Impact on Literacy and Education

Cinematic Impact on Literacy and Education Timeline

by Marc Aubanel, Jessica Dickens & Kimberly Wagner

We created a Timeline for our research project which allowed us to use a multi-modal format for presenting our work. There is a combination of text, visual, and audio formats, using a variety of Web platforms for embedding the objects. We used YouTube, Storify, Soundcloud and Prezi to present different aspects of cinema and literacy. These objects are not equivalent in length and content. Each of our set of contributions is meant to be about equivalent to a 2000 word paper. We combined our reference list at the end of the timeline.  You have to click the link to the website (by following the Timeline link) to view our work as you cannot embed on the UBC blog.

Kim’s Rationale:

I had an interest in the Greek roots of drama and narrative fiction and that continuing influence on Literature and then film. This study led me to other sources that related Shakespeare’s audience to film audience and the difference in the nature of reality on stage and in film. I finished with educational perspectives on how to use film in schools after the development of the feature film and the production of some major literary works.

Jessica’s Rationale: 
I have a background in film and chose to challenge myself and the concept of film by focusing on the roots of independent film.  This perspective took me through a time period with which I had limited knowledge and allowed me to see the true revolution that it caused.  I created a Prezi and an explanatory podcast on this topic as well as two other podcasts on the NFB and educational film.

Marc’s Rationale & Work:

I set up the timeline on my website and did some small scripting and aesthetic tasks on the project. I contributed two pieces, one in Storify and the other in Prezi as well as added a few supporting video to illustrate my work. I looked from the beginning of photography to the start of the 20th century before sound in film. I was struck by the similarity of the debate today as it was when the technology was first introduced. It goes to support McLuhan’s “the medium is the message” and that even though we have progressed – the medium and its social perceptions have stagnated. This just goes to show how powerful the medium is over the content which has changed dramatically over the last century.

In viewing the past projects, we determined that there was little in terms of impact on education in the early Twentieth Century; thus, we felt we could add to that topic in that area.

List of Objects with Creators:

The Influence of Greek Dramatis (video essay)—Kim Wagner

The Shakespeare Connection (text)—Kim Wagner

A Precursor to Cinema (text)—Marc Aubanel

Turn of the 20th Century Cinema (Prezi)—Marc Aubanel

Indie Film History (podcast)—Jessica Dickens (this was just Jessica, Marc is only credited because it was using his Soundcloud account.)

Film & Education: 1900-1950 (Prezi)—Kim Wagner

Theatre Artifice and Film Reality (video essay)—Kim Wagner

A Short History of Independent Film (Prezi)—Jessica Dickens

Irony of Film Reality (text)—Kim Wagner

National Film Board (podcast)—Jessica Dickens (this was just Jessica, Marc is only credited because it was using his Soundcloud account.)

Educational Film (podcast)—Jessica Dickens (this was just Jessica, Marc is only credited because it was using his Soundcloud account.)

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