I decided to use Dumpr to rework a picture I recently took of the artwork one of my students created for Remembrance Day. In art this term we focused on multimedia. This project, although time-consuming, turned out beautifully. Students first painted, then used plastic wrap to create texture, added paper and finally a button for the center of the poppy. Another learning outcome we are emphasizing in our school is respect for art. We want students to consider themselves artists. We create mini-gallery walks to admire the work of others after each art lesson. Students have opportunities to provide positive feedback and talk about the art of their peers. Playing around with Dumpr, I thought the Museumr option fit nicely with what we have been doing in the classroom. I may even do this with my class next week to add another medium and so that my students really begin to see themselves as artists. I had a lot of fun with this activity, it was really easy and felt as though I was doing something I previously would have not considered myself capable of doing. The media available today allows for rip.mix.feed. activities to happen quickly and easily. Fun stuff!

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  1. laurenmacd says:

    Hi Eva!
    I love this idea-not only the art project itself, but also using Dumpr to create a mini museum/gallery. You could extend the idea so that students create their own little museum with the different art projects they complete through the year. Dumpr was definitely easy to use and is a tool I’ll be adding to my list to use again for sure!


  2. kgill says:

    Using a student’s art work in a gallery picture is such a great idea! Putting up images like this on a class blog would be a lot of fun, as they would all be part of a virtual museum!

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