Module 1 Post 2 (Symmetry, Geometry…Dance?)

On this website it says that dancers must understand the symmetry and geometry just as well as counting the music. Dancers use symmetry in a lot of steps, such as turns. During the turn they must whip their head around. This step is called spotting. It helps dancers turn without getting dizzy and falling and it helps with going in a straight line. This relates to symmetry because without the dancer would fall over because they can’t spin continually. If you’re spinning a ball for example there are many rotational symmetries. However the human body has none. If you don’t spot then you would probably fall. In the ballet Swan Lake the Black Swan must complete several pirouttes and fouettes. And it is very important that she spots. Every dancer uses symmetry and geometry in a performance. This helps the dances look appealing.

This helped me because if I want to focus more on symmetry and geometry for this project I will have this site. This sites provides lots of information. This also helps me understand the angles and shapes in ballet and how whipping your head in a spin is important to stay on balance. I’ve inserted a clip of the Black Swan turning and spotting.


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