Module One Post Eleven (Background Information of Tap)

For mt eleventh website, I found a website that is very encouraging for others to consider doing tap dance. The website mainly talks about how tap has helped people throughout the centuries and how it was there before break dancing. This website is very informative about how tap dancers got their gigs and how the dance style originated and how it has evolved. during the 1930’s tap dancers would go out onto the streets and meet with other dancers and teach each other the new steps that they made up and compete with each other with their own combinations. In the 1920’s there was a big tree in New York that the dancer’s would sit under in the shade of the tree. it was a well known spot so the producers always knew where to find the dancers for some shows that they want them in. Tap dancing is a very active sport and is great for entertainment and that is what people always needed in their free time if all they do is to just roam around the city during the day not knowing what to do. This website has mentioned many people who were very well known in this area of dance. A few of those people are Jimmy Slyde and Buster Brown. They also mention some very popular tap combinations that everyone knew, for example the Shim Sham and the BS Chorus. I think this website is great for people who want some background knowledge about tap dancing and how it grew.

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