Module Two Post One (two point perspective in math)

For this post, I decided I could show my own knowledge that my art teacher has taught me about two point perspective. So, I am not using a website. I learnt that everything has to follow the mathematical rules, or else the perspective will look wonky. First of all, whenever you are drawing you need a ruler. If you dont have this essential item, this will make the lines uneven and some lines might not be the same length.

An example in which this type of drawing is used is in the typical 3D diagrams we have used a lot in our surface area and volume unit.

Image result for 3d box

This picture is created using the tecniques for two point perspective. However you can draw it by hand without structure, but by doing so, it will not be correct in art and math terms. If you have taken the time to look into my older posts, you can examine what the stucture and rules of drawing 3D shapes are.



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