Module Two Post Five [Math, Nanotechnology and Food]

Math, Nanotechnology and Food

Nanoliposomes and Food TasteImage result for tech vegetables

Nanoliposomes can be used to deliver people nutrients to people who want to be healthy but do not want to eat the vegetables. The nanoliposomes will stay in your blood and deliver your body the nutrients it needs when it needs it. Nanoliposomes can also be used to make your food more addictive and send chemicals to your brain to want more of the type of food.

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  1. karen larson

    Yeah that is a great analogy and article but I think there wasnt any mention of foods that start with TH. I once read on Facebook that foods that start with TH are all low in fat and high in protein, so I looked into it and there are many dishes that start with the letters th. I read about it on smokekitchen.


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