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Module Two Post Four

One of the set of skills you learn in cadets is having good leadership and being confident. The higher rank you are the more people depend on you. You have to be good at public speaking because one day you will have to teach classes. When you call out commands you have to say them with confidence or else no one will pay attention. Leadership skills are important because you have to learn to guide other fellow cadets.

Module Two Post Two

When I first started air cadets I didn’t really know what I was doing. It makes me wonder if cadets will benefit me in the long term. Most universities will look at your extracurricular activities and cadets is a good one. In cadets there are lots of community services. Even I went to go poppy tagging and earned some credits. It also provides time management skills and more

Module One Post Nine

While participating in cadets there are a variety of activities you can sigh up for. I signed up for drill team. Drill team is a group of people working on drill and making it better. At the end of the year we compete against other squadrons. Drill is very complicated and it needs to be precise. There are lots of timings for each move and you need to be focused because you don’t want to miss one of the moves. There is a lot of Math involved because of the timings and numbers.

Module One Post Eight

Marching and playing an instrument is a difficult thing to do. It requires lots of concentration and patience. In air cadets you go through lots of drill and you need to know angles for it. Sometimes the commands would call for a 45 degree and and sometimes a 180 degree angle. There are also salutes in cadets and they also have to be in an angle so there is even angles and math involved in marching and drill. Here is a video clip of the drill team